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We are passionate about breeding Bengal cats. Since 2006, we made part of our mission to breed healthy Bengal kittens with behaviour and looks that will steal your heart! Over the year we have built an international reputation as reliables breeder who produces some of the most outstanding Bengal cats in the world!

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Bengal kittens and cats are renowned around the world of incomparable beauty in all colours,


Bengal kittens made with love that will impress you with their charming endearing behaviour and personality.


Bengal cats are submitted to be completely a testing process to make sure that their health is in a good state and their kittens.


This is a medium-to-large cat. Bengals weigh eight to 14 pounds or more

Bengal Cat Coat Types We Breed

Brown Bengal
Silver Bengal
snow Bengal
Black Bengal

bengal kittens for sale June 2021

Gia Stevens

We couldn’t be happier with our kitten and the whole experience of working with Buy Bengal Cat. You can really see the care, love, and socialization that went into our baby’s life from birth until he came to us.

John Murphy

I had a poor experience with a different breeder, culminating in a kitten who died at 15 weeks. When I asked for recommendations for a new breeder, John Murphy (whose review appears below) suggested Wild N Sweet.

Dana Hubbard

You are absolutely amazing! We are happy we found someone that can groom our pets the right way and the way we want they to be groomed. Thanks so much to you guys.

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